Friday, July 2, 2010

Spelling Bee

DSC_1696_4607I have a proofreading department here at Maybelline’s Garden.  This is a feature I enjoy free of the responsibility of paying wages, benefits, or even a bouquet of flowers.  My proofreaders belong to the Daughters of the British Empire, Sir Edward Elgar Chapter.  It seems there was a recent disturbance in the proofreaders department.  Lyn had noticed that luffa was misspelled.  She conferred with Marjory to double check her catch of my California public education spelling.  Yes.  They agreed that I had indeed made an error.  Today, Marjory notified me of the error.

I thought of this alert on and off until this evening.  Of course I questioned myself because I make plenty of spelling errors either from typing carelessly or believing that I had spelled the words correctly.  I looked at the seed packet.  I looked in my Sunset
Western Garden Book
.  I looked online.  There it was.  Luffa is spelled 3 different ways:  luffa, loffah, lufah.  I’m probably spelling the American way (That’s the right way, by the way!). 

There is a problem within my proofreading department.  They spell some words cockeyed like colour, flavour, favour, spelt, catalogue, and others.  On top of that, Marjory spells her name 2 different ways and Lyn only uses 1 “n” in her name.  So from time to time we will have this issues arise.

I’m happy to have loyal readers and proofreaders watching out for me and keeping me on my Croc covered toes.DSC_1676_4587 Thanks to Lyn and Marjory in the proofreading department

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Melissa Price said...

I'm laughing! Luffa did not give me any pause whatsoever, Maybelline. I'm thinking of my own blunder last week... ; ) Melissa