Monday, August 30, 2010

Carrots Love Tomatoes & I Love Carrots/Catsup

On April 29, I planted some Atomic Red Carrots as companions to my Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes.  They were planted simply to benefit the tomatoes by loosening the soil and encouraging the tomato roots to travel deeper.  Success.DSC_1409_4068 The tomatoes grew (and continue to grow) so tall that the growth of the carrots was stunted.  Yesterday, I pulled what I could because I needed some carrots for the minestrone soup I was making.  The carrots were small and a deep, dark red.  Wow.DSC_2070_5039 I didn’t even think to take a reference photo until I had almost finished chopping up the carrots.  Here’s a couple of examples.DSC_2073_5042 I need to order some carrot seeds to plant for fall.

Personal Reveal:  As a child we always had cold carrot sticks on the dinner table.  I liked to dip mine in catsup.  In fact, to this day I believe the reason to eat French Fries is to enjoy catsup.

Note:  The Lemon Squash and Malali Watermelon was ripped out yesterday to make way for some fall planting.



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Anonymous said...

Carrots & catsup?! To each his own.

Melissa Price said...

What beautiful carrots! I am simply in awe of all the varieties of heirloom veggies. It's one of the biggest reasons I plant my own garden each year.

Erin said...

I planted and harvest those very carrots too. They are gorgeous. The kids love pulling up carrots to see what color they might find :)

I know an old farmer in Maryland who was always looking for the best tasting ketchup recipe and ended up, after years, finding that carrots made for a better base than tomatoes for the flaver they were looking for. I've never tried it but have always found it interesting. Hearing of you dipping carrots in ketchup made me think what a likely pair they really must be. And... both my children AND husband are ketchup hounds LOL!