Tuesday, August 17, 2010



My name is Maybelline and I have spurge.  Spotted spurge.  It’s in my lawn.  The gardener has spread it around.  It grows low to the turf and grows on stressed turf.  Fertilization and irrigation alterations will not help.  My choices to remove the junk are chemicals or manually pulling these boogers.


Each evening as the sun is setting I gather my mat, a Mason jar of ice water, gloves, a weeding trowel, and my radio.  Yes, I listen to Michael Savage.  Surprised?  I also listen to the Thomas Jefferson Hour so back off if you want to pick on me.  The garden kitties join me in exploring the front yard until there is no more light to operate.  I pull out spurge and various other weeds until I fill my weed box.  I do my best to pull the entire trespasser from tip to root. 

Spurge exudes a milky, sticky sap that is supposed to be poisonous.  Carrots Love Tomatoes suggests that the sap of some spurge can be used against warts.  Terrific.  I have some of those.  I have applied a little of the sap to some flat warts on my ankle.  The warts have started to darken.  Each evening when I’m weeding I apply a bit more.  I will not post pictures here but will report if the toad like bits drop off.

In the meantime, I estimate with my current rate of progress that the front lawn should be spurge free in about three months.  This is not encouraging.  My goal is to have a healthy lawn.  It’s  not a big lawn and it’s not a healthy lawn.  Any advice for a chemical free healthy lawn will be greatly appreciated.

Maybe I should consider a weeding party where each participant receives an equal amount of produce for the amount of weeds pulled.  Napalm is sounding better and better.





DBE gals:  Yesterday you tackled a lesson learning how to follow links within Maybelline’s garden.  Here are a few web sites you might enjoy by following these links.  They should open in a separate window.

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A Deacon's Wife said...

This is me sending you words of encouragement for a very discouraging task. I too have spotted spurge. Those long roots are a real pain to get to the bottom of. You can do it! I know you can!

Mrs. Mac said...

You can overcome having spurge. A 12 step detox program including listening to the radio will help ease the pain. Keep it up ;)

Bill Bird said...

I am somewhat distressed. You have blog on gardening and you HIRE a gardener to mow the lawn?

Look -- everyone knows that gardeners spread all sorts of nasty stuff from lawn to lawn. Not just Spurge -- but Johnson Grass, Clover and a variety of diseases that will make your lawn turn brown or white for no reason whatsoever. This is just one reason why I won't let gardeners get near my lawns -- not only at my house -- but also at my rental.

Now -- I don't consider clover to be "nasty" either. The gardener that services a nearby lawn in my neighborhood spread a purple variety clover once -- a form that I harvested and put into my lawn (the bees love it).

But you might want to think about mowing your own lawn -- although that does cut down on time that could be spent washing windows....


*Bill - If I mow my yard I would take all day. A gardener's truck pulls up and within 15 minutes it's mow - blow - & go. But now I'm spending all the time I thought I was saving by picking out the weeds. You may be onto something. Will I be adding to the unemployment statistics because of your suggestion?

In the meantime, I'll be out front with my radio and weeds.