Sunday, August 1, 2010



I like clean windows.  I wash them regularly.  I do not notice anyone else in my neighborhood or any other neighborhood for that matter washing their windows.  Wait.  There is one exception in Riviera Westchester.  That man keeps his windows clean and I’ve seen him washing them himself.  Good job, man.

Farmer MacGregor enjoys painting.  To be clear, he enjoys the way everything looks once it has been painted.  No.  Not painting like Frederic Remington or Charles M. Russell.  More like painting like the fellas on the Golden Gate Bridge.   He dedicates massive amounts of time maintaining the old homestead.  Once he’s finished, he starts all over again.image

This weekend he gave a fresh coat to the windows then cleaned the windows.  Excellent.  I believe I may have seen a neighbor or two peeking out of their dirty, dusty windows saying, “There he goes again.  Dang that Farmer MacGregor.”


joey said...

I too am a nut for clean windows ... a must! Thank you for visiting ... it's been a fun stopover ... Happy August :)

And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Beautiful windows. Wish I could get my Mr. Farmer into gear like yours ;)

Francesca said...

This reminds me that I haven't washed my windows in a long time! I don't notice it in summertime, as they're always wide open, but in winter, when the light is scarce as it is, it's nice to have clean windows.

Bill Bird said...

Yeah -- I was real good about cleaning the windows at the old house (now a rental). I've been terrible with this one. Not one cleaning session. Not once in three years.

I know, I'm bad. The screens are just ridiculously dirty.

Yeah, I know, I'm bad.

Lisa Paul said...

Every time I clean my windows in Sonoma, the birds fly smack into them.

Well, that's my excuse for NOT doing it and I'm sticking to it.