Friday, August 13, 2010

Windows. Clean, Clean Windows.


Check it out.  Farmer MacGregor (on the patio with a red shirt) went around the entire house and touched up the paint around all the windows.  Then, he washed them!  I love clean windows.

I’ve been away and kind of uninspired to post anything.  This weekend looks like a return to Hades; so I’ll find shelter inside.  This will give me an opportunity to sort through photos, can salsa, and look through seeds for the fall.

Fall seeds are being shipped from Terroir Seeds.  I’m getting inspired.  All I need is some cool weather.


Lisa Paul said...

Let us know what you are planting so I can copy -- a day late and a dollar short. Actually, I'm hoping we'll finally get some summer around here. Been the coldest, foggiest summer I can remember for us Coastal Folks.


Ah global warming.
Hope Henny Penny doesn't get wind of this.