Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trash. You Ain’t Nuthin’ But Trash.

imageAll trees and shrubs create trash.  I can’t think of any that don’t unless they’re fake.  Trash is stuff the tree or shrub sheds like leaves, seeds, or blossoms.  Some trash can be a mess.  Some trash can look like colorful confetti from a fun garden party. 

Right now, I have some party trash floating around the garden and I’m okay with that.DSC_1875_4816 Fragrant Wisteria continues to bloom and spread out over the pergola.  The purple trash drops to the gravel below and blows around the backyard.  It’s a fine trade off to endure the perfumed petals in order to enjoy the shade of the vibrant Wisteria.DSC_2045_4993

DSC_2036_4984Oh boy.  The Crepe Myrtle (Watermelon) is the biggest producer of trash in the garden.  These petals are found all over the place this time of year.  Leaf cutting bees even chew them up and stuff them in tiny crevasses in the house windows.  I’ll pick those out later this year when I do a major window cleaning.DSC_2048_4996  DSC_2039_4987 The Texas Ranger blooms here from May until about November: so there is a bounty of blossom trash swirling around and lodging in all kinds of cracks and crevasses.  Here is some party confetti lining the weed infested lawn.DSC_2041_4989 Some gardeners despise garden trash.  Not me.  It’s a colorful accessory for my yard (and the yards of my neighbors – sorry).

Note:  The temperatures have plummeted!  The AC hasn’t been on all day and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 75.  If this is a result of my whining then I may never stop.

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