Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes Junk Just Works Out


I did not trim the blooms off the chives this week.  On Wednesday the thermometer reached 111; and the rest of the week was similar.  Pee Youie!  I stayed inside for most of the week.  This weekend, the weather is perfect.  PERFECT!  The butterflies and bees are flocking to the chives.  They are welcome.  I don’t know what kind are partying in the chives but here they are:

DSC_2053_5022 DSC_2054_5002 DSC_2052_5021 DSC_2055_5024 DSC_2057_5026 There was a peculiar cloud formation this afternoon that was giving my camera fits.  It was very, very difficult to focus on this because it was all smudgy.  It looks like something bigger is forming in the middle.  What kind of formation is this?  Does this type of formation accompany perfect weather?



DBE gals:  You can click on the photos to view an enlarged image in a separate window.  Let me know if you need help.

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