Thursday, December 23, 2010

Garden Lessons

Welcome to the garden.  Today we (Me and Ajax) will be learning some basic lessons.  These lessons are essential to insure a well behaved dog.  An added bonus is that your pet will be a great photo subject.



Let’s start with something easy and work to the more advanced of the basic skills. 











After a rigorous afternoon of serious training, refreshments are in order.  Homegrown and fresh is best.  Thyme was the favorite refresher this afternoon.



If you need a suggestion for a quick Christmas gift, try donating to your local animal shelter.  Kern County has a service in Lebec that helps with feral cats.  Irresponsible pet owners are making this a huge problem in Bakersfield.  Cause 4 Cats, Inc. will gladly and gratefully accept your donations large and small.  Additionally, the US Post Office has some items they sell to raise awareness of Animal Rescue:  Adopt a Shelter Pet.  Please consider making a difference with your gift giving.


Melissa Price said...

What a cutie, Maybelline! Merry Christmas! Blessings of peace and joy to you and yours. : )

Glennis said...

We have the same color Crocs.

Ajax is a little darling. I love the photo of him eating thyme.

Jack came to us from the shelter already knowing "sit" and "heel." He's perfect at these.

"Down" and "stay" not so much.

He is learning "down" motivated by treats, but I swear, he is the most reluctant "down"-er ever, and pops right back up the minute he gets his treat.

Lo said...

What an adorable child.....and I love those green shoes.

Thanks too for posting a plea for the animals. Do you know about Free spay and neuter for ferals and abandoned critters. I just learned of them and will try them out next week. (No, not me personally....I am already spayed and neutered.)