Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keep on the Grass


Sowing winter rye is a pretty nice idea.  Even if it takes a bit of preparation, it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance.  Remember how terrible the lawn was back in August?  Now, the lawn is lush and healthy.  The irrigation system can be shut down for the winter for the most part.  Farmer MacGregor fertilizes and mows so I don’t have to do a ding dong thing but to sit back and enjoy the emerald green carpet. 


I’m not alone in the enjoyment.


Amy said... looks so pretty and green! What a cute puppy and look at those big paws. I guess he is going to be one, big dog.

Anonymous said...

What a great looking winter lawn. I have planted some winter rye in the garden beds that aren't growing anything edible at the moment. Just a bit is coming up, but I know more will soon. The lawn is just so big I never thought of putting it in the lawn. Maybe I will try a little section next winter. Your puppy looks like he is really enjoying it. He is beautiful. Sincerely, Emily

Lisa Paul said...

Did I miss something about that lovely pup? When did you get this charmer? Nothing like a puppy to make you appreciate new grass.