Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hummingbirds in the Garden


Most all the leaves are off the trees now.  We’ll be ready to dormant spray soon…just as soon as the wind and rain calms down a bit.  Late this afternoon, the wind picked up and a few showers followed.  Now it’s cold.  Well, 37°F is kinda cold.  It’s cold for around here.  Tomorrow afternoon, the salad bed will get covered because the temperature should dipped a bit lower.  Frozen lettuce is junk.

The hummingbird weather vane indicated that the someone up in Alaska forgot to shut the freezer door.  Come on Sarah.  Pay attention!  It got so cool around here that visiting wildlife had to reconsider their travel plans.


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Lo said...

I love that photo! (you know about me and hummingbirds). Yours is a variety different from my brood. Lucky you.