Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jack Frost Nipping @ Our Toes

The temperatures are dipping down below freezing tonight; so tender plants need to be protected.  Typically, I don’t want a plant that needs to be fussed with; but since the salad bed is feeding both me and Farmer MacGregor fairly well this winter it gets fussed with.  Previously, I showed this image of the salad bed on a warm, sunny day.



This afternoon, we draped the plastic sheeting over to help seal in some warmth.  Old man MacGregor reports that some of the lettuce had a bit of frost this morning.  No damage was noticed.  Anyway – this is a fairly simple way to help protect tender growth on an infrequent basis.  I couldn’t recommend this for areas with snow and cold, cold temperatures.  I wouldn’t have a clue how to even operate a snow shovel…and for that I am thankful.DSC_2195_5600 After

Most all other crops are growing vigorously with this cool/cold weather.  The cabbage patch is an example of those plants that thrive during this time of year – cabbages, onions, cauliflower, and beets are producing beautifully.


Now, when I say it’s cold here in the garden please don’t have visions of me building a snowman.  Nope.  It’s simply great weather…weather that doesn’t produce swamp pants.  It’s my most favorite kind of weather.  Sun on my back and a cool breeze coming off the snow covered Sierras.  Perfect.





As I sat out in the garden this afternoon with my feet up, eyes enjoying the blue sky, I noticed a load of yellow birds in my neighbors’ Mulberry tree.  Anyone have a clue what kind of birds they are?  I think they have a cardinal-like head.  I couldn’t get my long lens on quick enough.





A Deacon's Wife said...

They look like Cedar Waxwings to me. They usually migrate through the Sacramento area in the fall, and we only see them for a day or two as they stop for snacks along their way. Wikipedia has some decent photos for comparison HERE.

And thanks for the garden photos. I didn't get anything in the vegetable garden for winter, so I am admiring yours from afar!


*Wife - Thanks for the identification. That was very helpful.