Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New to the Garden


Maybelline’s Garden is proud to announce the arrival of a new garden puppy.  Ajax has joined the garden kitties in the garden.  The kitties aren’t very happy with the decision to increase the herd; but they’ll adapt.  They always have.  Ajax is 9 weeks old, and has some very big paw prints to fill.  The garden pups that came before him were great and are sorely missed.


He’s gradually letting his curiosity lead him out into the garden for exploration.  With a full morning of stringing up the peas, raking leaves, and simply being a puppy, Ajax was ready to retire for the morning with his new buddy – Pink Cuddly Hippo. 


He’s a very dear addition to the garden.


Some members of the garden royalty are not amused.


Melissa Price said...

He's adoreable! What a gorgeous, cuddly little guy... almost make me want one, too!

Maureen said...

OMGoodness....I want one too:) He really is a cutie, yay for garden puppies!

Glennis said...

Oh. My. God. What a doll. He is going to be big, isn't he?

Mrs. Mac said...

Ajax if PERFECT ... I think he's adorable too!

Unknown said...

I am extremely jealous. What a great addition!!!

Bill Bird said...

Yeah -- I have four cats who still haven't totally warmed up to That Damn Dog -- but we're getting there.

Lisa Paul said...

Ajax, what a wonderful martial name for a pup who is clearly going to be a lover, not a fighter.