Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mama’s Day!


The perfect gift for my mother on Mother’s Day is not flower, candy, or perfume.  The perfect gift for my mother on Mother’s Day is a perfect (or not so perfect) home grown tomato.  Lunch at Wool Growers’  with a plate of not so perfect farm grown tomatoes will have to do until my home grown tomatoes are ready.

My treats came early from my garden gnomes and that’s fine by me.  I’ll be spending Mother’s Day lounging and puttering cuz that’s how I stroll.

Upon returning from a party this evening, I found a bouquet of flowers on the front step.  A note from my 1st gnome was attached thanking me for not making her a complete “doofus”.   I feel I have failed because the 1st gnome isn’t a doofus in any manner.  This is something I may need to pursue if she feels inadequate.  Perhaps some customized scrunchies and a complete set of Saved By the Bell recordings.  I could throw in a pair of short overalls for good measure along with some hiking boots.

DSC_2585_6456Does spilled red pepper flakes have any significance like spilled salt?  And why is spilled salt bad lucK?

My 2nd gnome presented me with a wallet, perfume, and the greatest body scrub ever.  The stuff smells great, tingles, and makes your skin zoom.  At the party, I met a teacher that worked years ago at the elementary school both my garden gnomes attended.  She wanted to hear all about him and was delighted that he had a path in life.  This was the teacher that he would proudly spell any color backwards.

imageThis stuff is really great.  It’s good to know the French haven’t lost their touch.


So today was a pretty good day.

  • Farmers’ Market.
  • Lunch at Wool Growers’ with mother, mother-in-law, Farmer MacGregor, and my 2nd garden gnome.
  • Shopping with the elegantly mature gals.
  • Party.
  • Mother’s Day goodies.
  • The promise of lounging and puttering tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be pretty good too.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Lo said...

Gorgeous bouquet and rooster and lace table cloth.......

and is it really too late to plant sweet peas in Calif.? Sob.


Typically sweet peas are planted in the fall to enjoy in the spring. I didn't plant my until December and it worked out okay.

Why not experiment?

dorothy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mama's Day and what thoughtful gnomes! And lounging & puttering is the best way to spend Mother's Day...I did it myself today!