Monday, May 30, 2011

I am Grateful.

Recent wisdom gleaned from the internet told me that the reason I sleep like a log is because I am grateful and content with what I have and don’t have any unfulfilled desire to have more.  Ain’t it the truth?  Memorial Day seems like a fine day to show gratitude in the garden.

DSC_2174_6531Strawberries continue to keep on giving.  The bugs still get a few of them but I get my share.  I am grateful.

DSC_2167_6525The bumblebees and honeybees are enjoying the bounty of lavender.  Even after a Hidden Valley box full of lavender was harvested there was still plenty to buzz about.  In fact, I couldn’t even tell that the blossoms had been thinned.  I am grateful.

DSC_2179_6536Everyone of the 19 tomato plants look to be headed to a productive summer.  This one is Rutgers that I purchased from the Tomato Lady at the local farmers’ market for $2.  I am grateful.

DSC_2178_6535Teddy Bear sunflowers are almost ready to open.  This one survived the bug mowing that all the others fell prey to.  I have since replanted and am hopeful.  I am grateful.

DSC_2181_6538Look!  The corn is almost as high as an elephant’s eye AND the tassels are forming.  Oh what a beautiful morning.  I am grateful.

DSC_2168_6526Smelling just as sweet as candy, the Butterfly Bush is starting to pop.  This should lure some beneficial insects to the garden.  I am grateful.

DSC_2182_6539I’m a fan of fruit chewy candy like gummy bears or Sour Patch Kids or jelly beans or DOTS.  With boysenberries ripening each day there isn’t any desire to wander down to the local Rite Aid and pick up a chewy treat.  I am grateful.

The Memorial Day weekend started with a phone call to Farmer MacGregor’s great uncle.  He shared his Purple Heart earning story with me relaying his horror on Okinawa.  Genealogical details were sprinkled in but he kept returning to  his experience during March/April 1945.  Memories of an event that happened almost  70 years ago were shared with vivid detail.  I am grateful.

Furthermore, I may celebrate my gratitude with a nap on my patio swing.  I am grateful.


Lo said...

A great blog, Maybelline! I love it.

I do believe that feeling and expressing gratitude for blessings as we receive them is so important to sleeping well among other things.

We take so much wonder for granted and miss appreciating it.......a sin much worse than gluttony as far as I am concerned.

Now, bring on those gorgeous strawberries.......I'd be so grateful.

Lo said...

P.S By the way...I will gladly share my gummy bears and twizzlers with you anytime....I am grateful for chewy sweets too.