Thursday, May 5, 2011

Onions, Garlic, & Birthday Wishes

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The water is off the onions and garlic.  Now it’s time to wait for the greens to dry a bit before they get pulled out of the soil and put on the drying racks to cure a bit.  The garlic will be braided and the onions stored to use as needed.  Garlic will be planted in October for another harvest the following May.  More onions will be planted to enjoy as green onions throughout the summer and brown or purple onions when they mature.  All the onions are started from seed in place.  They are some of the easiest plants to grow.  I encourage anyone starting a vegetable garden to start with radish seeds and onion seeds.  Everything germinates (sprouts) quickly.  Results are quick.  Harvest can begin in just a few weeks with tender radishes and green onions.  By harvesting early and often, you’re providing room for the remaining vegetables to mature.  Extra bonus:  a package of seeds is so inexpensive that it’s worth a try.  All that is needed is some loose soil, full sun, and some occasional water.  A sack of garden soil from a garden center is a simple way to start a small experimental garden.  Make sure to puncture the bag to allow for drainage. 

Mother Earth News - Spring 2011

Mother Earth News – Spring 2011


Special birthday wishes to the Empress of the Garden, Licorice.  She was born in the garden 20 years ago.  Congratulations old girl!DSC_1488_4137


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Lo said...

Happy BD, Licorice. In cat years you are even older than me!

Love, Aunt Lo

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Happy Birthday, Licorice! We tried the garden soil bag method where we just didn't have very good soil and it worked out just fine! This year we broke open the bags and added it to the soil along with the straw that had topped it last year.

Wendy said...

Wow, happy b-day to licorice! 20 years! A neighbor does the bag of soil trick to grow his veggies.