Friday, May 27, 2011

Vampires Beware!


Garlic was planted for the first time in October 2009.  It was harvested in May 2010.  Between May and October 2010 all the garlic was used except for one head and a few loose cloves that were set aside to continue the routine.  Those were planted in October 2010 and recently the garlic was harvested earlier this month.  About 40 head of garlic were produced without much effort.  Ah the circle of life.  Seems a successful routine has been established as far as growing garlic is concerned.  Curing the harvest is a snap using the drying racks that Farmer MacGregor constructed.  Brushing and braiding is the final task reserved for this weekend.  Perfect.  Garlic is one of the easiest items to grow in my vegetable garden.  Pest free.  Disease free. Limited irrigation – just to get it started.  If you have a patch of loose dirt (loamy sand) in full sunshine give, it a try.  If you’re close to Bakersfield, California, try the October/May schedule and see if it works for you.

DSC_2165_6523Box repurposed from Costco for toting weeds, lavender, and garlic.  No one in the garden is a fan of Hidden Valley – especially me. 



Interesting garden note:  Farmer MacGregor does a mean impersonation of Count Von Count counting.  Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah!

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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Glad you posted this, it eases my mind about vampires a bit. Now, if you can come up with a solution to the CDC's Zombie apocalypse! I'll be watching.