Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ingrate Eviction. Nothin’ but Trash!

Not that you would want to with the photo below, but if you want a larger image of a photo simply double click on the image and a new window will pop up with a larger version of the photo.  This is information that could be helpful to the gals of the DBE that follow along occasionally.

Here’s another tip gals:  If you want to leave a comment and have it appear on a post you will be asked to type some letters in a window to confirm you are not a nasty robot leaving spam junk.  No, not the kind of canned meat that Anna makes famous sandwiches with.  Make sure you get through that process and then your comment will be included.  It’s that way on most all blogs.


Now for the ingrates.  Honestly, the stupid mourning doves that nest in my yard aren’t doing me any favors.  Just look at the mess below one of the nests in the pergola.  They brought in so many weed seeds with their nesting materials that I consider them extremely bad tenants.  Soon this single mother will have some babies she will try to raise before she “hooks up” with some other fly by night fella and be back on the nest.  The pile of poop can only grow.  This continues all summer long. 


The plan is to remove any nest once it’s empty and replace it with a healthy amount of scare tape.  Doves are pretty and all but poop and weeds are the limit.  If there is evidence that doves eat earwigs I may reconsider the eviction.  Otherwise, notice has been served.


Andrea said...

They do make messy nests that are very flimsy and poop everywhere and anywhere lol. They are very monogamous couples, as they take one mate for the rest of their lives. Also, they generally don't eat bugs. I've never had any issues with the weeds from the nest, but I do know they eat seeds of most weeds.

dorothy said...

For a couple of years we had a dove pair that nested in a wall planter near our breakfast room. We watched as they raised two broods per year, and we even gave them names. We saw them take their 1st flights! Oh, and Maybelline, your post asking about a 'Licorice' rose was deleted when Blogger was down, but I googled and found a 'White Licorice' by Weeks roses in Wasco. However, I think they may be only wholesale. Have you been able to locate one?

Glennis said...

Hah! You note, of course, the origin of my blog's name was due to a similar fascination with nesting doves. I experienced a similar shock when viewing the area BELOW the nest!!

Messy creatures they are. And mean!! They dive-bomb Jack when he sits on the deck because it's too close to their nests.

Vicious little birds of peace!


The empty structure did not meet current safe building requirements and was destroyed. Scare tape marks the location.