Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lettuce is Up!


A couple of varieties of lettuce seeds were sown on October 8.  Less than a week later the seeds had sprouted.  Keeping the bed moist along with the very warm mid October weather has helped push almost every single seed up.  I did not sow the seeds in a row.  Rather, I sprinkled them “higglety pigglety”*.  Now I need to watch for the freeloading bugs that want to munch on the tender Marvielle of Four Seasons & Parris Island Romaine. 

I think all my winter seeds were purchased at Floyd’s.  Maybe some were picked up at White Forrest.  Nevertheless, I didn’t send away for anything this season.  Here’s what the Lake Valley Seed packets say about each variety:

Marvielle of Four Seasons – Reliable butter head variety.  This delightful butterhead-type lettuce is famous for its reliable production all season long.  Ruby-tipped leaves with an icy-green heart make Marvel an exciting and flavorful addition to any salad.

Parris Island Romaine – Thick, crispy leaves.  Fantastic flavor!  Broad upright leaves with a  crispy mid-rib.  If you like Caesar salads, this is the lettuce to grow.


*  Higglety pigglety:  This way and that way without any order.  A danged disarray. 


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Parris Island is my all time favorite.