Sunday, October 23, 2011

Preparing for Spring


Just a little preparation now should bring sweet peas in early spring.  The seeds from the previous crop were saved for this purpose.  The seeds, pods and all, were kept on a shelf in the shed all summer.

DSC_2218_7087Typically, the seeds would soak overnight before planting to soften them up and insure germination.  Since volunteer sweet peas have sprouted in the old sweet pea bed, I’m skipping that step.  Seems like the seeds will sprout easily.  It will be enough work to separate the seeds from the pods.  Next, into the ground followed by a nice soak.DSC_2219_7088Farmer MacGregor was showing off his Eagle Scout knot tying skills this morning by re-stringing the support.  The sweet peas will be growing at the head of the western bed where peas and carrots are growing.  These plants usually don’t require much attention but they will provide loads of fragrant bouquets.  It’s not too late to plant.  Last year, I planted in December and enjoyed flowers in the spring. 


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I might just have to try some planting. I love your trellis design!

dorothy said...

That is a great looking trellis!

Glennis said...

My favorite! Thanks for the reminder!

I am far less methodical than you - I just hurl handfuls of seeds out into the garden beds. I did this in 1997 when we moved in and then I did nothing for the next five years and had sweetpeas every year....gradually they all reverted to the dark red-violet color.

then I had an overenthusiastic gardener, and now I have no sweetpeas. I need to replant - thanks fro the reminder!

Donna said...

Sweetpeas are one of my old time favorites. I think I just might have to buy a pack of seeds and put some in the ground. I sure like the trellis Farmer MacGregor strung together. Very nice! said...

I need to get busy and plant my sweet peas. If I was industrious I would make a neat trellis like yours tho... I am now following.