Thursday, October 13, 2011



I can’t stand these wee beasties.  They creep me out.  Are they swarming currently?  The past few evenings out in the garden, I’ve been getting bombarded by them.  They seem to be attracted to my hair, neck, and t-shirt.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  They fly and latch on or drop down onto me from a tree, arbor, or ledge.  Gross!  Last night, one was clinging to the outside passenger window on the car as we cruised the streets of Oildale.

I believe the danged things are twitterpated.  That’s right.  Did you know that they start mating in the autumn, and can be found together in the autumn and winter?  A lot of bug love going on in the garden.

“Management of earwigs requires an integrated program that takes advantage of their habitat preferences. As moisture-loving insects, earwigs would not normally thrive in California’s arid climate without the moisture and shade provided by the irrigated garden. Where earwigs are a problem, consider reducing hiding places and surface moisture levels. Initiate a regular trapping program. If these measures are followed, insecticide treatments should not be necessary,” recommends UC Davis.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to do my best to disrupt their “make out” spots.  It’ll be like going on a date with your Granny tagging along in the backseat.

Anybody else notice the increased activity?

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