Monday, May 3, 2010

Bees Do It

There’s more than just produce in the garden.  There’s a variety of flowers that attract the local bees.  It’s good to have them here to help with the pollination of the tomatoes, melons, squash…you get the point. 


DSC_1433_4090 Lantana (yellow)

DSC_1434_4091 Thyme

DSC_1435_4092 Sweet Peas

DSC_1436_4093 Lantana (purple)

DSC_1437_4094 Lavender

DSC_1440_4097 Nasturtium

DSC_1443_4100 Strawberries

DSC_1444_4101 Grapefruit

DSC_1446_4103 Lemon

Note:  The fancy French radishes (Jaune D’Or Ovale) planted on April 28 look like they have sprouted; but it was too dark this evening to take any photos.


Donna said...

Very nice photos! I love the Sweet Peas.


Lona said...

Beautiful blooms and beautiful pictures. Your sweetpea is such a pretty color.

Siren said...

I've been wondering for days what that lobelia is.