Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Measuring Up

DSC_1473_4129 I’m adding a measuring stick today to record the progress of a few items in the garden.  Above is a Scarlet Nantes Carrot planted 10/05/09.DSC_1458_4115 Jaune D’Or Ovale Radishes planted 04/28/10.

DSC_1459_4116 Evergreen Bunching Onions planted 04/18/10.

DSC_1462_4119 O’Henry Peaches planted 01/12/09.  This is the tree’s 2nd season.  Each season it has produced fruit.

DSC_1464_4121 Red Flame Grapes planted January 2009.  Like the peach, the grapes are in their 2nd season.  Each season fruit was produced.

DSC_1467_4123 Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa planted 03/01/10.  All the tomatoes are ready to be planted in the ground.  As soon as Farmer MacGregor finishes building the supports, the planting can begin.  Some of the tomato plants have buds on them.

DSC_1468_4124 Sweet Pinkie Strawberries planted 03/01/09.  This variety is really thriving in the cinder blocks.  During this coming winter they need to be thinned.

DSC_1454_4111 This evening’s harvest of Sweet Pinkies.  No chance of me being scooped up as a hand model.  Oh well.

DSC_1469_4125 Candy Hybrid Onions planted 09/20/09.

DSC_1470_4126 Here’s a seed head on a Candy Hybrid Onion.

DSC_1471_4127 Ladybug dining on parsley.

DSC_1474_4130 Rio Red Grapefruit planted 02/14/09.  The fruit seems to be staying on the tree this year although some are dropping off.

DSC_1475_4131 Variegated Pink Lemon planted in a pot fall 2009.

That’s how a few things are measuring up in the garden today.


Trash said...

Would type more but am in awe of your gardening ability. Must remember not to show this page to kids or they will be expecting better things from our lower 40.

Missus @ Escape to the Farm said...

I really like the idea of using the ruler to show the relative size of your crops.

Your harvest picture is making me crave strawberries!

Siren said...

Ooh fun! I want to get measuring now. And you do look like a hand model. :)


*Trash - really, Trash. That's some handle. Put your kids to work in the lower 40. THAT will give them something to grumble about.

*Missus - the scale idea comes from geologic schooling.

*Siren - perhaps a hand model for hard work.