Sunday, May 16, 2010

Southwest Living – Phoenix Home & Garden

phoenixhomegarden I found a great resource for gardening in the southwest.  Phoenix Home & Garden is a similar layout to Sunset Magazine but the emphasis is on desert living.  It’s jammed with loads of photographs and helpful articles with not many ads.  What ads there are are (ooo I hate using the same word back to back) just as good looking as the rest of the magazine.

beagleOne of the ads was for Southwest Gardener in Phoenix.  They have a nice little newsletter with seasonal gardening tips and a list of events.  One of their scheduled events is a trip to tour Los Angeles area gardens.  Very ironic.  The site also has a few items for purchase like this bit of comical art to place in your garden.

The May issue of PH&G has an interesting article about a Tempe couple that have turned their yard into an edible garden.  Their garden is so successful that an abundance of plants are potted up and given to friends and neighbors while the bounty of the harvest is auctioned off in the form of berry pies to help support the local Boy Scouts.

Phoenix Home & Garden is loaded with decorating ideas if you love the southwest look.  Even if you don’t, there are some really trick ideas to incorporate into most any home.  They are based out of Scottsdale and have been putting together my new find for 30 years.  Give it a look.


PS Santa, I would really like this pony bench I spotted at Valerie’s.


Lisa Paul said...

Looks like this would work for you, as hot as it is in Bakersfield. Sonoma is a whole other kettle of fish. Sunset Magazine is useless for me. It's all about dodging the fog. We don't get any. But then neither are we really desert either.

For the "Cowboy Lifestyle", nothing beats Cowboys & Indians Magazine. it's the only magazine where I read every ad.


Cowboys & Indians Magazine is great. I still enjoy picking up a magazine in my hands to enjoy rather than the electronic version.

Christine said...

Thanks for mentioning the magazine. I will look for it at our local Borders. I can't get enough of gardening magazines!