Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Live the Queen

DSC_1421_4079The Queen of the Garden celebrated her 19th birthday on Cinco de Mayo.  She enjoyed all the treats she could eat then perched up on the steps to oversee her staff (me) work in the garden.  This is a routing (sans treats) she does most every evening.

Here’s what’s going on today:

DSC_1502_4158 The Malali Watermelon have sprouted (05/06/10).  They were planted 8 days ago (04/28/10).

DSC_1504_4160 Lemon Squash is planted adjacent to the watermelon.  It was also planted 8 days ago (04/28/10).

DSC_1505_4161 Volunteer potatoes are sprouting amongst the green bunching onions.  They will be removed to make way for the tomatoes.  Potatoes and tomatoes do not grow well together because of the spread of blight.  So…the potatoes gotta go.

DSC_1508_4164 The lavender will probably be harvested Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, I do not know what variety of lavender I have.

DSC_1511_4167 The Red Flame Grape vine is getting a grip on the arbor.  Color and intensity was boosted to see the twining.

DSC_1492_4148 Yesterday, the potted citrus (lemon & mandarin) had all the pansies removed, soil fluffed, and were deeply irrigated.  Today, they look a bit better.  I’m confident the lemon will progress; but the prognosis for the mandarin isn’t good.

As the sun sets, the Queen gives her approval to her staff for a job well done then takes a nap because it’s so tiring being the Queen.

DSC_1488_4137 Happy Birthday, Your Majesty.

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Francesca said...

What an amazing cat: black with chocolate and orange hues! I read in a few US blogs last year about tomato blight (and of course I knew about the potato blight from history books and the great famine), but blight is something I've never heard of happening here.