Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mamas’ Day

DSC_1548_4203 Mamas’ Day was great.  The morning started early out in the garden finishing the tomato supports.  It was cool and breezy.  It was so cool I had to grab an extra shirt.  Excellent.  I snagged an onion for dinner and strawberries for a big bowl of fruit salad.  Notice the dust on the strawberry leaves.  A change is coming.DSC_1543_4198 I would loved to have tied the twine to the tomato supports and started planting the tomatoes; but my back had different plans.  Stooping over or bending was not in the plans.  I went to the kitchen to get some “upright” work done.DSC_1551_4206 The clouds began to roll in.  I had to change to sweat pants and a sweater.  Lovely.  The wind started to blow.  When the rain came some windows had to get shut.DSC_1558_4213 Sweet rain.  My babies probably ordered the weather just for me.  They’re good that way.  I really don’t mind that there was one tragedy due to the storm.DSC_1555_4210 It was a nice Mamas’ Day.


Mrs. Mac said...

Happy for your rain today. We've only harvested rhubarb so far from the garden. Yesterday I worked on the strawberry bed that got planted last year .. and my lavender is just bouncing back from winter .. no flowers yet. Of course, we live quite a bit further north than you in a short growing season area.

I was going to encourage you to check out the canning book, The Ball Blue Book of Preserving .. if you want to try your hand at canning. It has baby step directions and lots of picture diagrams ... especially for water bath canning of tomatoes ... and pressure canning of green beans. I got my canner at Walmart .. on line ... by Presto. They had the best price I could find for a new one. Do you grow grapes? I'll have to check out your arbor posts.


*Mrs. - I've canned before. It's the pressure cooker method I'm afraid of.

I'm growing a Red Flame grape.

Missus @ Escape to the Farm said...

Maybelline, I really enjoy seeing your photography. I like how you show things from unusual angles, like the onion root, above.

warren said...

Holy Moley I am jealous of strwaberries! I can't wait!