Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breakfast of Champions


I have to visit the local farmers’ market each Saturday to supplement my strawberry stash.  My habit is severe.  The market berries are used to chop into a fruit salad throughout the week.  The berries I grow are lucky to make it out of the garden.  If they do, they’re sliced up onto my Cheerios.  Now just because I use soy milk please don’t think I’m a Birkenstock wearing hippy.  Wait.  I wear Birkenstocks on occasion.  Whoa.


DJK said...

Try almond milk. Much better for you and just as tasty as Soy milk.


DJK - if almond milk taste anything like almond paste or almond extract, count me out. I'll give it a try.

Christine said...

Birkenstock-wearing hippies always eat granola in my stereo-type. Unless you are also a tree hugger I think you are safely NOT a hippie! Not that there is anything wrong with being a hippie, of course. ;)