Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boysenberry Mystery Solved

DSC_1706_4384 This morning the boysenberry bloomed.  There’s only one.  I’m surprised because this was only planted this past winter.  I wanted to check my plant because I had read about a spotted leaf problem on boysenberries over at The Family Garden.  I have learned that this year’s growth should grow wild.  During the winter it will be tied up on a trellis because those canes will produce berries.  At the end of their season they are to be removed and the new growth will take its place on the trellis.  This cycle continues to maintain berry production on year old growth. 

Anyway, I wanted to check for this spotted leaf problem on my plant.DSC_1707_4385 There is a little discoloration; but this may have been caused by wind storms earlier this year.  What’s this?  Spots?DSC_1708_4386 But…these are green spots.  What the heck?!  After a little detective work, I determined that Farmer MacGregor is the guilty culprit.  The evidence is staggering.






















This is the price I must pay for such cheap excellent labor.


Maureen said...


Erin said...

haha!! Love it! I wish I had your spots instead of my spots LOL!

Steve said...

Reminds me of the question asked when you want something done. "How do you want the job done; cheap, fast or correct, pick two?"

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