Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden Update on a Full Stomach

This evening I had a nice spaghetti dinner with Farmer MacGregor’s Hungarian style sauce.  Doggies, I’m stuffed.  I couldn’t bend over and work in the garden after dinner.  All I could do was take photos and some of those are really out of focus.  Here’s a report of progress in the garden using only photos.













































Noelle Johnson said...

Hello Maybelline,

Your vegetable garden is growing so beautifully. I love all of your tomatoes especially. Thank you for your comments...unfortunately, I don't remember the seed company for the corn we grew. But, we did buy the seeds at Home Depot.

Thank you for visiting :-)

Mrs. Mac said...

Your garden is at least two months ahead of mine. Looking good! Today is supposed to be summer weather (79F) ... we've had such a cool spring .. even the local u-pick farm won't have June strawberries .. have to wait until ever bearing ones arrive in mid July. Thanks for the reminder to 'plug' the local library .. a favorite stop for books and videos (free;)

And Sow My Garden Grows said...

WOW ~ That's a lot of tomatoes. Mine are slowly coming in but much smaller still. Those peppers look amazing. Great pictures!

Lynn said...

Great photos. So what is Hungarian style sauce? Sounds interesting.

Lisa Paul said...

Okay, I have to stop being wildly jealous of your garden progress and look on it as things to come. You wouldn't think Northern California would be this far behind Southern California in harvest time, but seems like you are always months ahead with your crops.


*Lynn - MacGregor's paternal grandmother was of Hungarian descent. He has modified it to perfection. I am ALWAYS disappointed when I eat the Italian version. This has gobs of garlic and onion. There is crushed tomatoes. He adds whatever herbs and spices necessary along with raw chicken. Oh yes - wine of the red variety is generously poured into the cauldron. This cooks for hours on the stove top. Soak this stuff up with crusty bread and pasta and it's heaven. Many prefer to eat it cold. I'm a purist and like it hot with loads of Parmesan. I'm ready for lunch.

*Lisa - Having a bountiful garden is the reward for living in Hades. It's been generously mild; but this can't last long.

Lynn said...

Thanks. I'm gonna give this sauce a try.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

By asshole tomatoes are not doing all that well. So I've decided to to come to your house for midnight pillaging in the next month, OK?


*Dirty - There will be no need for a midnight run. I'm certain to be looking, begging for someone to take tomatoes. Most are tagged for canning and salsa. Viva!