Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nice Melons!

Farmer MacGregor enjoys watermelon; so this winter I searched the Baker Creek seed catalog for the perfect variety.  The Malali seemed like it would fit the criteria.   A small, seeded, sweet melon that grows well in the oven-like garden known as Bakersfield, California.  Sold!  The seeds were planted on April 28, sprouted on May 6, and they haven’t stopped since.

They share a bed with the Lemon Squash (left).

DSC_1410_4069 April 29, 2010


DSC_1695_4364May 31, 2010


DSC_1718_4416June 10, 2010

 DSC_1593_4501 June 19, 2010


DSC_1567_4472 For some reason, whenever I work in the melon patch I have the desire to do a little tweezer work.  Sadly, these will not be ready for the 4th of July; but old MacGregor will have the rest of the long, hot summer to enjoy melons.  I’m now on the lookout for the dreaded pests that are sure to show up.



Marlyn said...

My melon seedlings are still in my Aerogarden! We are behind on melons!

Your garden bed is beautiful!

Lisa Paul said...

I'm loving my Toy Box Watermelons. They are very small -- almost only four servings per melon and a variety of colors inside -- cream, yellow and pink. Opening a big watermelon is such a commitment. But these little ones can be harvested and used on a whim with just the two of you.

And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Beautiful progress and pictures! We bought seeds this year for the first time from Bakers Creek - what an amazing place in Petaluma! Keep up the great work :)

Bill Bird said...

We're still a good month behind you on melons. I planted direct seed and they still haven't flowered yet. They're just now starting to run.


*Marlyn - What is an Aerogarden?
*Lisa - I've never heard the term "Toy Box" watermelons.
*And - I wish I had gone to the Baker Creek outlet while in the Bay area this spring.
*Bill - If this is global warming, I'm all for it!

Alice Joyce said...

Impressive structure. Are you for hire;-D
My husband's allotment where we grow veggies = in need of design assistance. His space!
Alice's Garden ... here at the house, is ornamental.
The Empress is invited to the garden for tea... you can come too!
Happy to find you on Blotanical...
aka Bay Area Tendrils / Alice's Garden Travel Buzz