Saturday, June 26, 2010

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Epilogue

Remember when my granddaddy Split Leaf Philodendron had this strangely phallic blossom back on June 7?   It had a sweet, delicate, tropical scent.  More interestingly, it had an odd protrusion from a lily-like casing.  Is that a Split Leaf Philodendron or are you just glad to see me?DSC_1711_4389

On June 8, the XXX visitor began to retreat into its casing.  Kind of looked like a hooded monk at that point.DSC_1715_4393 

As the casing began to surround the center like a tortilla forming a burrito,  the white interior began to ruffle like a pom pom.  This happened in a matter of a few hours that evening.DSC_1716_4394

The entire interior was swallowed up by the casing and it just lay  there for a few weeks.  Today, I noticed that the “pod” was almost completely detached from the plant and the casing had opened to reveal a different interior.DSC_1650_4558 I pitched it into the compost bin.  It’s a pretty pathetic ending to  a very strange happening in an ordinary garden.

But now you know ….


…the rest of the story.  GOOD DAY!


L said...

That is disgusting.

Francesca said...

How peculiar! You did a great job documenting this "strange happening"!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the laugh! I am new to your site and enjoying it very much. (I was the wave petunia question.)

Glennis said...

Holy moly!!