Friday, June 18, 2010

Lemon Squash

DSC_1578_4487Lemon Squash is moving right along now that the heat has been turned up.  The plant (leaves, stems, & flowers) looks just like zucchini.  It’s the fruit/vegetable that is different.  It really does look like a lemon.  It’s supposed to be about the size of a lemon as well.  Right now the tendrils are continuing to grow and reach for the support in order to climb on up.  More and more flowers open each morning with gobs of pollen for the garden insects to get drunk on.





Bangchik said...

Nature made flowers so beautiful for the bees to keep diving in for a sip of nectar, thus helping the pollination. My cucumber flowers look almost the same...


Lisa Paul said...

Ha Ha. Ha Ha! I finally have a garden plant that is on par with yours instead of a month behind. This is exactly what my squash is doing. At least I think it's a lemon squash. I didn't plant it. It just showed up. Still counts though.

Ellada said...

It's the best season, the flowers and the vegetables from the garden are a joy for our eyes.

Lynn said...

Lemon squash? I've heard of papaya squash. Where do you buy seeds?