Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Part II

I had to chronicle an update on the split leaf philodendron blossom.  It looks like it’s devolving.  This is definitely one of the most unique occurrences in the garden in a long, long time.

Here’s 24 hours worth of photos:

DSC_1711_4389 June 7, 2010  8:30pm

DSC_1715_4393 June 8, 2010  5:30pm

DSC_1716_4394 June 8, 2010  8:30pm

The tip of this hooded thing has curled up like a loofa and the scent has subsided.

DSC_1716_4394 I’ve had this plant for years.  I mean years.  When the backyard was remodeled, it was dug up and eventually potted into a gigantic ceramic pot.  The pot is so big and heavy that it’s pretty much where it’s going to stay.  I wonder if transplanting this beast trigger the blossom a year after the fact.  Don’t know.  It’s certainly interesting to watch.

A comment was left on yesterday’s post linking to facts of this fruit.  It is edible; but I’m not touching it.  Especially since it can be poisonous if it’s not ripe enough.  I’ll just enjoy watching the evolution.


Melissa said...

Wow! I have NEVER seen such as this. So very strange, Maybelline. Maybe I haven't paid enough attention to these plants to notice the flowers before. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Paul said...

That is very scary looking. Are you sure it isn't going to replace you with a pod person?


*Lisa - I'm irreplaceable. I think.

Peeoknee said...

Wow, what a treat. Have never seen these bloom before. They are inside plants here. Thanks for the great photos.
Love your blog...