Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lemon Squash and Support

OOOOOOO!  New layout!  How do you like it?

squash support Here are the plans for Farmer MacGregor’s simple yet functional support for the Lemon Squash to climb up.  That’s the plan.  The plants will climb up and the squash will dangle down through the wire support.  The plants will provide enough shade on the underside of the support for me to try to grow beets during the summer.DSC_1395_4054 04/28/10  squash support is installed.  Squash are planted.

DSC_1504_4160 05/06/10 squash germinate.

DSC_1629_427905/18/10 companion radishes germinate.

DSC_1717_4395 06/09/10 tendrils reach support and start climbing.

DSC_1711_4409 06/10/10  squash form.

DSC_1715_4413 06/10/10 Lemon Squash in the background climbing the MacGregor support.  Can you see the Breakfast Radishes growing beneath the squash?  They’re supposed to ward off evil spirits and pesky pests.  So far so good.   Malali Watermelon are growing in the foreground.

Note of interest to me:  I have followed Abby Sunderland’s blog on her journey to sail solo around the world from the beginning.  Today’s news of losing contact with her in the Indian Ocean has me thinking of her and her safety.  This sixteen year old young lady is truly an inspiration.  Please keep her in your thoughts.


L said...

They found her and I helped make that screen thing!!!


*L - the news of finding Abby Sunderland was the 1st thing I woke up to this morning. Great news. Your help building the "screen thing" or squash support is much appreciated.

Carolyn ♥ said...

I love your "screen thing" :)
What a great idea! Did you buy this or make the design yourelf?


*Meredehuit - Farmer MacGregor designed and made all the supports in the garden. He also built the fence, gate, and grape arbor. He's a keeper. Note: "L" played a key roll in constructing the squash support.

Lona said...

What a fantastic idea to go vertical on your squash.Saves so much space. About the rose in my header it is a New Dawn rose and has thorns that reach out and grab you and won't let go. LOL! But it does have beautiful blooms but since it is so mean to my hide it is delegated to grow beside the garden shed. LOL!
Thanks for dropping by.Have a wonderful weekend.

And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Never heard of lemon squash - sounds good. I love that trellis (Great Idea)I think I may need to make something like this! Do you harvest from both sides?


*And - The plan is for the squash to dangle down and harvest on the shaded side. I think there will be produce on both sides. Now I need to think of something to contain the watermelons.

Teresa said...

Very nice set up for your squash. We just put up trellises to try our luck going vertical with our zuchinni and cukes. Live and learn.