Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh New Year!



In summer, the Watermelon Crepe Myrtle is in full bloom with confetti like petals.  They grow really well in zone 8-9 and are extremely tolerant of the dry heat.  Some gardeners don’t like the mess the petals make; but I don’t mind the crinkly pink confetti floating around the yard.  By the end of August, evidence of the crepe myrtle is most everywhere.


Before 2011 hit, I wanted to make sure to do some cleaning.  A couple of bedrooms and the laundry was on my list.  The recent rains had wrecked my windows and they really needed to be cleaned; so that task was added to my list.  The type of windows we have make cleaning super easy.  The outside can swing inside for cleaning then swing back out to secure in place.  Pretty convenient.DSC_2226_5635

As the windows were cleaned, remnants of the summer of 2010 were revealed.  Leaf cutting bees seem to adore crepe myrtle petals.  Once they have chomped the petals, they buzz over to the neighboring windows and some how build nests shaped similar to a pencil.  This cycle happens annually.  So as I bid good bye to the old year, the bees from summer provide me with confetti to toss in celebration of a fresh, new year.DSC_2223_5632

Happy 2011!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Maybelline!! Get ready, the next storm is on it's way! We're expecting 4 days of snow up here. (Why did I just realize you had a blog???? I'm so slow sometimes!)


*Amy - It must be all the clean mountain air.

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy new year Maybelline .. enjoy your day. Did you get any snow?


*Mrs. - No snow down on the Valley floor but the snow level came down low enough to mess up the roads going over the passes.