Thursday, July 7, 2011



Tomatoes are really ramping up in the garden with the summer heat pouring down.  Heinz looks like it may be in the lead for my favorite/perfect tomato.  It’s looking good.  I picked up a plant from the Tomato Lady at the local farmers’ market a few months ago happy to find the variety that I thought I wouldn’t grow until next season.  This is definitely a determinate variety.  All the fruit should be ripe at the same time.

Next week is set aside for canning tomatoes with the hopes that everything ripens.  Now I’m going to search for a recipe for Heinz ketchup.  Ketchup is my favorite condiment and the Heinz variety will be reserved to make ketchup - if I can find the recipe.  Any references to the Heinz recipe will be appreciated.


DJK said...

I haven't made this...but it sounds delish!

Unknown said...

ooooohhhhh.....ahhhhhhh. It looks so beautiful.

Maureen said...

Nice Photo!