Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pumpkins, Time Machine, and Etiquette. Huh?


Know what pumpkins remind me of?



Nope.  Well.  Kinda.




Here’s a hint.imageThat’s right, old timer.  The Jarrahdale pumkins that are thriving in the second 3 Sisters bed remind me of an old telephone cord.  This variety is growing so well that it is starting to climb up the green bean support.Remember how the cord on that avocado green phone would get all tangled up? DSC_2202_6810 Looks just like the tendrils on the pumpkin.  Want to stay in the Way Back Machine a bit longer?  Remember these handy things?imageThat’s right.  A phone booth where you could see how many people could get stuffed into the thing OR change into your Superman clothes OR have a private telephone conversation without bothering others or being bothered by others.  Ah, telephone etiquette.  Those were the days.  Before I return you to the current day of continuous telephone bad manners, let me share a fun phone moment.


What was the name of the telephone operator on the Andy Griffith Show?


Sue said...

Oh my gosh.....I grew up watching that show......and I do not remember. Oof. No prize for me!

A Deacon's Wife said...


Helen said...

Sarah, get me the Courthouse please.