Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Operation Hornworm–Battle Plan

imageYou can do it.  American loves a winner.  We’re here to destroy those that want to destroy us – or, at least, destroy my tomatoes and peppers.  That’s right.  Hornworms.  If you have tomatoes or peppers you probably have hornworms.DSC_1111_1331They are the stealthiest bastards in the garden; but you can do it.  You’re a winner.  And American loves a winner.  First you need to locate the bugger.  Oh they leave their mark.  They’re pigs.DSC_2236_6729The enemy leaves signs of their destruction right where you can see it.  Look on the leaves, on the fruit, on the ground.  Now look up.DSC_2233_6726Hornworms will strip the leaves, stems, and even chew on the fruit.  Bastards!  Keep looking up beyond this destruction.  Look from the ground up.  It’s easier to see their camouflaged bodies.DSC_2235_6728There’s the culprit.  They move fairly slow and have suction cup like feet.  All you need to do is peel it from the plant.  You can do it.  You’re a winner and America loves a winner.  The first time is the roughest; but once you’ve made that successful accomplishment you’ll be able to peel these terrorists out of your garden with precision.  After you’ve removed the enemy you can squash it beneath your garden feet.  Until you can bring yourself to that level of annihilation, try placing the enemy in an open space where you can monitor their movement.  Your local air force (scrub jays and mockingbirds in my garden) should move in quickly to remove the terrorists and put them to better use (bird food).

Reveille and taps is the prime time for successful hunting.  Now go out there and give ‘em hell.

That is all.


Sue said...

So, I take it you don't LIKE the hornworm?????
Bastards!---------I've had problems with them in the past and I still HATE squishing them. Ugh!

Lo said...

What is it that they say about great minds??? They run in the same channels?? Think the same thoughts??
Plagarize each other??

Amazing that the two of us chose to blog about those bloody horn worms on the same day.....your photos brought me back to my own encounter like it was yesterday not 40 years ago....gawd they are ugly! I never got a good look at the face of my own nemesis but I do remember stomping him for making such a fool out of me.

Mrs. Mac said...

Not to jinx my garden .. but have not had this particular pest .. so ugly only a mother could love, eh? Your sentiments are similar to my nieces .. she's in Cali too .. I'm battling cute little chipmunks .. always something.

Lona said...

They are the biggest things. LOL! I remember the first time I found one on my tomatoes. They do love to munch.