Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everybody Love Watermelon

Two varieties of watermelon were planted this season, Malali and Sugar Baby.  I have absolutely no idea what I have growing in the watermelon patch except for a nagging aphid problem.DSC_2281_6797Pests have descended upon the watermelon patch.  Each morning, I spray the foliage with a powerful stream of water to knock off the aphids.  All day long the lady bugs feast.  Aphids can annihilate a crop so persistence is key.   They pierce through and suck out the sap.  Buggers.  Aphids aren’t the only pest grazing on the watermelon vines.DSC_2280_6796I really don’t know what the grasshoppers purpose on this planet but to make my “squashing” skills more keen.


Sue said...

Ugh-I hate the grasshoppers. I'd love to have my ducks again at times like this--they ate them by the buckets!
Hopefully your watermelons will survive the onslaught!

Amy said...

I know what you mean about grasshoppers. I have some on my rose of sharon and when I spray it with a blast of water they go away for about 5 minutes. I need to practice my squashing. Hope you get to enjoy your watermelons.