Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mother’s Little Helper(s)

Even though I’m out numbered by the bad bugs something like 592 gajillion to one, I still have my friends the predators and pollinators to help in my continuous war in the garden.  Yeah.  I know I’ll never win.  Just think of me as the gardening Alamo.

Here’s some insects on my team this morning.

DSC_2205_6813The Jarrahdale pumpkin from yesterday has it’s flower fully opened today.  Little bees are doing  their thing early in the morning along with bumble bees and butterflies.  I’m not clear on where the Jarrahdale originates.  Maybe New Zealand.  There must be some powerful attractant in that pollen.  DSC_2210_6818Bumble bees seem to get drunk on the stuff.  Maybe the weight of the pollen stuck to them affects their ability to fly with precision.

DSC_2207_6815A big, fat praying  (more like preying) mantis is gorging on the aphids in the watermelon patch along with the lady bugs.  This big gal just experienced a morning blast to the patch in a feeble attempt to knock down some of the aphids.

Birds do their thing by gobbling up the worms and caterpillars.  Wasps and spiders do their part as well.  And I believe the absence of rodents in the garden can be credited to good ol’ Pumpkin and an occasional owl.DSC_2417

Do not rest easy bad things in my garden.  My team is hungry.


Lo said...

.....and Pumpkin is gorgeous besides.

You don't have to win....just have to tie. I am ordering a medal for your valiant struggle.

I think my main problem is grasshoppers.

Sue said...

Yes, I'm with Lo--it's the grasshoppers that are doing all the damage to my garden.
I used to have a cat that would eat them. Blech!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You take wonderful photos. Do you have a special camera? I especially like the mantis.


*Kathy-I use a Nikon D90. Don't know how special it is; but it's special to me.