Friday, July 15, 2011

Heinz Harvest


It took about 1 week for my perfect Heinz green tomato to ripen to a red tomato.  It probably would have been quicker if the temperatures this week had been hotter.  I can be patient whenever July temperatures dip into the frosty 80s.  Tonight, we enjoyed sampling this beauty with our dinner salad.  “Very tomatoey”, raved Farmer MacGregor. 

Here’s what Tomato Fest has to say about this variety:

One out of four heirloom tomato varieties sent to me by Kees Groenewegen, Manager of Operations for HeinzSeed for TomatoFest to grow out and share. This open-pollinated tomato variety was developed in Bowling Green Ohio and Leamington Ontario when Heinz had breeding stations there many years ago. This variety was developed primarily for Eastern Canada and the Northeast U.S.. Plant produces very hearty, leafy plants in our Central California fields that yield huge crops of 3”, bright-red, round, tomatoes. Sweet-acid balance and complex flavors. Uniform fruit appeared to be slightly larger than other Heinz tomato varieties.  A great canning tomato, salad tomato, and sauce tomato.

This tomato is doing well in the garden.  So far, so good.  Ketchup making is out.  There’s no way I can improve on what Heinz has created.  These will be treated like all the other tomatoes in the garden – fresh, frozen, or canned.


Sue said...

What a PERFECT tomato. Sounds like it's a great all-around tomato.

Lo said...

What a gorgeous fruit! I am insanely jealous. Mine are still small and green. Congrats.

Maureen said...

Gorgeous tomato! Most of the Heinz plants/tomatoes in our shared garden died, and the couple we have left in our yard are tiny (last years were considerably bigger). Yours convinces me that we need to call this year a fluke and plant them again next year!