Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Iceberg Ahead!


What?!  Planted seeds on January 22.  Germinated on January 26…or at least that’s when I noticed the Iceberg Lettuce seedlings popping up through the coconut husk pods.  Kinda looks like a bran muffin with an alfalfa sprout in the middle.  Don’t you think? 

Even though I’m enjoying this cold, damp, foggy weather, I do hope the soil will be warm enough in a few weeks to set these out or I may need to consider growing my salad in my kitchen window.  I just need to find the proper planter.

imageEven though I have the old Crocs to make a hanging planter suggested by Real Simple magazine,  I just don’t think I could enjoy lettuce growing in a stinky, old shoe.  The hunt continues for a suitable planter; but I’ll probably be out there in a short sleeve t-shirt soon.

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Glennis said...

Crocs planters! What a great idea!