Monday, January 3, 2011

Olly Olly Oxen Free!

This afternoon was a bright, sunny day.  Recent storms left the surrounding mountains dusted with snow and the air sparkly clean.  The travelers stuck on either side of those mountains because of road closures had a different opinion.  Before lunch, I fiddled with the espalier fruit trees, inspected the vegetable beds, and gave the pup his obedience lesson.  It’s not all work all the time in the garden.  Fun and games are encouraged.  Sometimes the most unexpected being will participate.  I stumbled upon a game of Hide and Seek.

pumpkin step





pumpkin rule

This game has been re-named Hide and Go Away Biscuit Breath.


Makarimi Abdullah said...

Nice post! Really funny Cat;-) So cute.

L said...

Poor Pumpkin. She needs to learn from the Dog Whisperer, Licorice. And by whisperer I mean scratcher.

Lisa Paul said...

Cats rule, indeed!

Melissa Price said...

Gorgeous pot, Maybelline. Looks to me like a fabulous place to take a nap. : )

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin has the perfect throne!