Monday, January 24, 2011

Pioneer Woman Flowers


There’s a photo competition going on over at Pioneer Woman – like she needs any advertising.  Oh, I enter them every once in a while with no expectation of winning even a notice.  She seems to prefer photos with a bunch of processing via PhotoShop.

DSC_1928_4878 My photos have little to no processing.  That severely reduces my chances of winning a prize.  She awards some pretty sweet prizes for a gajillionaire.  She only hints that the prizes for this assignment will be “shiny and fun”. 

That can only mean diamonds to me.

DSC_1904_4842The subject matter for the newest photo assignment is:  Flowers.  Dig through all the images of flowers you have to try to come up with something to enter.  Who knows.  You may win something “shiny and fun”.  If you do, please let me know.  I would love to have come that much closer to winning even if it is just someone that scraped against this post in the outer blogosphere.

DSC_2288_5698 I wonder if she and her staff would consider my image of a cauliflower.

Good luck.


dorothy said...

Wow...I'm out of that league but thanks for sharing the link! Your photos are great and I love the color of that cauliflower!

Amy said...

Pretty photos and I hope you win some diamonds. I like the cauliflower ... it looks interesting. :)

Melissa Price said...

You've got some nice shots, Maybelline. Go for it!!!

Unknown said...

If I were choosing, you would win my vote. I don't like overly processed images. Yours are always crisp, clean, well composed, and vibrant. I love that pink flower.

Maureen said...

I'm with Marisa on this one....I like yours better!