Thursday, January 6, 2011


One of my favorite bloggers, L from So…, came for a visit to the garden.  It’s been wonderfully cold and damp and the garden is currently on cruise control.  Occasionally (daily), the lettuce is harvested.  Occasionally (once a week), the carrots are harvested.  Occasionally (every other week), the beets are harvested.  And more than occasionally (whenever Farmer MacGregor requires), green onions are harvested.  Since there was no manual labor required, we enjoyed a couple of movies; but mostly we enjoyed a jigsaw puzzle.DSC_2241_5652


Sure, a thousand piece puzzle can be frustrating.  Mostly it was like eating peanuts and we simply couldn’t stop.  Sometimes our thoughts would consider a simpler Amish way of life where a puzzle was more entertaining than the latest electronic gadget.  And it was.  A simpler form of entertainment won out over Xbox, computers, iphones, etc.

L was sneaky and finished putting together the remaining parts that were kept until the end.  They were only left until the end because we couldn’t figure out where the pieces fit. She tackled the “green” pieces with success this afternoon.  It was a proud moment.


This time of year is great.  I enjoy hibernating in a cozy, comfortable house and being simple.

So…now what?


Lisa Paul said...

I loooooove jigsaw puzzles. The challenge, though, is to find a dedicated table top large enough to accommodate one. Working a puzzle on the floor in a houseful of terriers is not advised.

Maureen said...

We love puzzles too....especially the Amish scenes! It's probably the only way I will ever 'piece' together a quilt:)

Anonymous said...

This world of puzzles has been re-newed to me. It has been decades since I did a puzzle. I did a post earlier this week on one that I just finished. Since I started it I have been amazed at several of my immediate neighbors all working on them at the same time. And many others out in blog-land. And other friends that live far and wide.

That is a neat puzzle. Thanks for sharing it. Emily