Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Scout

DSC_2395_5806Farmer MacGregor’s an Eagle Scout and it shows.  My lame attempts at re-stringing the bean support clearly showed that I didn’t excel at Girl Scouting.  Today, he got everything nice and tight before the rains came again.  Before this support is used for summer beans, it will be used for sweet peas.

DSC_2396_5807A packet of Old Spice Sweet Peas was planted on December 12, 2010.  I forgot to note when the seeds sprouted.  Typically, sweet peas should be planted around here in the fall; but better late than never.  I hope.  These extra fragrant flowers are expected to be in full bloom sometime in the spring (February through April).

And if they don’t bloom, at least the strings will look smart.

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