Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look Up

DSC_1069_2938 Ever look up while you’re in the garden?  There really is a lot more out there to take in than the stuff growing down on the ground where your feet are stuck.


DSC_1071_2940 Sometimes the sky is really blue above the fog and haze.


DSC_2312_5243 Golden California foothills and blue sky.  That’s one of the views from my garden on a clear day looking up and to the east on an unusually clear day.  Those hills are a few miles away.


DSC_1093_2960 I’m not a fan of palm trees; but nothing says “California” like palm trees against a sunset.


DSC_1566_4225 Even junky power lines look pretty artistic in the right light.


DSC_2152_5377 The cloud formations can really be incredible.  Sitting back in a chair with my feet up, looking at the sky is a real time soaker.  It can take me away from some things that need to be done. 
So what.

DSC_2327_5733 The garden is under the flight pattern for planes heading out to Edwards Air Force Base or China Lake Naval Air Weapons  Station.  There’s also planes flying to and from LA and San Francisco.


DSC_1633_4541 Don’t miss the night sky either.

Take the time to look up from your garden.


Kaytee said...

Beautiful pictures. The view from your garden is a whole lot better than the view from mine! Can't beat a mountain vista.

Melissa Price said...

Absolutely gorgeous shots, Maybelline! : )