Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seeds 2011 – The Year of Corn (Korn)



Some of the seeds for spring/summer were started today while other seeds were ordered last night.


Lettuce:  A couple of varieties will be started indoors.  When they are transplanted, I’ll sow additional lettuce in place.  Those seeds have been ordered.

Brune d’Hiver, Baker Creek

Iceberg, Baker Creek   (I thought Iceberg might have a better chance if I start in indoors first.


Tomatoes:  Last year the tomatoes were started on March 1.  My planting of fall crops was delayed because the tomatoes were still producing.  My hope is that this early start will translate into a better start for fall crops.

Tomato Cour di Bue, Baker Creek

Beefsteak, Baker Creek


Carrots:  I have some carrots seeds left over from the last planting and wanting to add a different variety.

Red Cored Chatenay, Terrior Seeds

Corn:  2011 is the Year of Corn in Maybelline’s Garden.  2010 was the Year of the Tomato.  I hope to have a successful year and stock my freezers with sweet, yellow corn along with enjoying cobs during the summer.

Golden Bantam, Terrior Seeds

Lettuce:  A few varieties look like they may work in the salad bed until I plant squash and sweet potatoes (pondering this one).

Merlot, Terrior Seeds

St. Anne’s, Terrior Seeds

Tom Thumb, Terrior Seeds

Pumpkins:  I’ve grown Cinderella in the past and liked the shape and color; but I never ate any of them.  This year I’m trying a blue skinned pumkin.

Jarrahdale, Terrior Seeds

Since this is the Year of Corn here at Maybelline’s Garden in Bakersfield, California (Oildale specifically), I would like to offer a homegrown remedy to rid your garden of varmints.  Below I have embedded a little ditty from our hometown fellas, Korn.  Take a laptop out to wherever varmints are a nuisance and turn the volume up as loud as the law allows.  This should rid you of those pests.


See.  We have more than Buck and Merle.  I enjoy all of them.  You are welcome.


Special celebrity note:  Granny has helped Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, a few times with his purchases of strollers and other baby items.  Imagine,  Jonathan is a daddy (3 times!).  Granny can connect with Jonathan since he is a Highland High Scotsman and played the bagpipes.  Granny is very hip that way.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We get some of our seeds from Baker's Creek here in Missouri. They are a few hours away and not open on Saturdays so we just order, plus one of our nurseries stock some of them. I'd like to go down for one of their Sunday events. We're trying to use seeds that are not genetically modified and then can or dry the produce for winter. Since it is still pretty cold here, our current project is tapping our trees for another round of maple syrup!


*Kathy - Syrup! I wouldn't have a clue. Baker Creek looks like they have some pretty fun events in the summer time. The outlet in Petaluma, California is in an old bank building. I would like to visit on my next trip up north.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You can make syrup too- it's easy. Go over to my site

I have a link to tree tapping and you can see photos. All you need is a 12 inch maple, assuming you have maples in Calif?

Morgan G said...

How much space did those Cinderella pumpkins take up in Maybelline's garden? I'd love to try them, but I worry there's not much room for them to spread.


*Morgan - A Cinderella Pumpkin vine could take up around 10'. You may want to try trellising them so you take up less horizontal space.