Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cabbage Patch

 DSC_2401_5813 The cabbage patch is moving right along.  The broccoli heads aren’t grocery store big.  Rather, they are smaller, more tender, and plentiful.  Most will be harvested soon and frozen to enjoy later when the grocery store prices zoom.


The purple cauliflower heads don’t grow tight like the white variety grown last year.  It’s still tender and tasty.  It will be harvested and frozen if all of it doesn’t get eaten.

DSC_2406_5818 The purple cabbage is the prettiest in the garden with its pink veins and silver water drops.  They really glitter after the rain.

Pests have increased along with the temperatures.  Aphids and loopers have made their appearance.  So far, they have been kept under control with a spray of water or simply picking off the culprits.  Hope they don’t overwhelm me.


Sue said...

What a contrast---I look at my computer and see your beautiful veggies, and then I look out the window and see SNOW, and lots of it.
I just LOVE the purple! So pretty!

Amy said...

They are very photogenic, too. One day I would like to grow more veggies.

Melissa Price said...

I'm longing for warmer days and time spent getting my hands dirty. No snow here, but it is chilly. And definitely not warm enough for aphids. Good thing you're catching them early!