Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 Sisters

This summer, corn is taking the spotlight in the garden .  Much study of a variety of resources led me to try the 3 Sisters method of growing corn.  Corn, beans, and squash grown together are supposed to compliment each other.  The corn should be planted in a block of 4 rows to help with pollination.  I’ve decided to stagger the planting with 2 rows planted today and 2 more planted in about 2 weeks.  I may plant more corn, 2 rows at a time.  The outside rows will be planted with Borlotto Solista Beans.  The beans will use the corn stalks as support.  These type of pole beans were grown last summer.  They are flashy and delicious.


On the north and south ends of the rows, Lemon Squash will be planted a little later.  However, good old Louise Riotte suggests in her book Carrots Love Tomatoes that planting squash early or late in the season helps to avoid insect damage.  She also suggests to plant nasturtiums in an effort to repel squash bugs.  I can do that.

Initially, Teddy Bear Sunflowers were planted surrounding the bed intended for corn.  Plans changed and that’s fine because it turns out that sunflowers don’t get along with beans.  Hope the tomatoes like Teddy Bears.  They’re going to be neighbors soon.

Here’s a seed catalog description of Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet Corn: 

E.L. Coy sold two quarts of seeds to Mr. Burpee in 1900 amd stated. “You now own the very sweetest and richest corn ever known.”  Very sweet, juicy, corny tast from 6” ears bearing 10-14 rows of deep, buttery kernels.  Good yields.

I’m crossing my gloved fingers that corn will be a success in the garden during the summer of 2011.


Kaytee said...

I plan to plant the 3 sisters this year too. I'm going to try sugar pumpkins as my squash. I'm hoping it works out because it will be a major space saver! You'll have to keep us updated on how yours turns out.

Glennis said...

What a fantastic idea.