Sunday, March 20, 2011

Against the Wind

I do not like the wind.  It’s destructive, messy, annoying, and (around here) hazardous. 


In December 1977, a bunch of the San Joaquin Valley was blown up into the atmosphere by nasty winds and then scattered to parts as far away as the bay area.  Last night the breeze turned into a wind.  It went on for hours and continued until the rain finally arrived late this afternoon.  I woke up to part of my tender lemon tree broken and hurled around quite a few obstacles and heading out to the street.

DSC_2589_6173 The wind chimes were not gently chiming throughout the night.  They were madly clanging to wake even a very sound sleeper like me.  The clapper indicates the wind is coming from the south.

DSC_2592_6176 Confirmation from the weathervane indicates that part of the Valley is heading north again.  It seems to be a constant exchange we have.  Guck from the north floats south and fills our skies here until a wind comes through and lobs it back their way with a big “Thank you very much”.DSC_2594_6178 Shards from the broken terra cotta will be re-assigned and the bay tree is seeking a new home.

Perhaps if I owned a share of one of those wind mills up in Tehachapi I might like the wind a bunch more.  Until then, I do not like the wind.


Lo said...

I do not like the wind either. It sets my teeth In edge and makes me uneasy and i hate the way it moves things from here to there without asking me. Not to mention the stuff crashing down.......yuk.

Lisa Paul said...

Yup, I think we got a whole bunch of the San Joaquin Valley up here in San Francisco. The wind was howling all night and I woke up to a fine mist of dust on everything.